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What are Canned messages?

Canned messages are predefined responses to common questions. These can effectively eliminate repeating and rephrasing answers to the customer queries that keep repeating themselves. In LiveAgent you can define an unlimited number of canned messages and make them available to all support staff in general or on a per department basis. All of the messages could be linked with specific keyword(s), so finding the right one is a breeze. Agents are able to define their own canned messages as well to personalize their respective workflows and needs.

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What are canned messages?

Canned messages are a set of prepared answers to frequently asked questions. In areas such as customer service or technical support, canned messages can be a very effective solution for both the customer and the agent, providing quick answers and saving time.

How to use canned messages?

In LiveAgent you can define an unlimited number of ready-made answers. Such prepared answers will allow you to provide faster answers to repeated questions. As a result, agents do their work much faster, because they send ready-made or slightly customized messages.

Where to find canned messages in LiveAgent?

You can find LiveAgent’s canned messages in your panel by going to ‘Configurations’, then selecting the ‘Automation’ tab and clicking ‘Canned messages’. messages may be made available to the entire support staff or only to selected departments.

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